Bear and Raven's Treasure Trove: Exploring Rare Antiques and Collectibles - Bear and Raven Antiques

Bear and Raven's Treasure Trove: Exploring Rare Antiques and Collectibles

A Collector's Paradise: Rare Antiques and Collectibles 

Collection of antiquesBear and Raven Antiques houses a meticulously curated collection of rare antiques and collectibles. From stunning antique jewels that evoke tales of the past to vintage toys that spark the imagination, our inventory is a treasure trove for collectors and history enthusiasts alike. Each piece honors the artistry and heritage of a bygone era, waiting to be cherished in the present.

Whether you're an experienced collector searching for rare and unique antiques, or an ardent enthusiast of history and culture, our exquisite collection is meticulously curated to ignite your imagination and set your collecting passion aflame.

Here are just a few examples of the wide variety of categories of antiques and collectibles we carry.

Chinese Antiques: Echoes of an Ancient Culture  

mirror-pair-of-chinese-porcelain-horse-with-groom-figuresBesides being beautiful, our Chinese antiques are also living testaments to the day and life of an ancient culture.

Enjoy a glimpse of the vibrant life of 1920s China as you admire the pair of porcelain horses with grooms. Their glaze captures the essence of a bygone era. Each component, from paint color to porcelain, depicts the wonder of the imperial court and past Chinese artisans’ skills.


small-chinese-ginger-jar-oatmeal-with-warriors-early-20th CGo even further back in time with a small ginger jar adorned with warriors. This captivating piece is a window into China's military history. Just picture the battles fought, and the secrets held within its walls—a witness to the enduring spirit of its past.

Explore the details and imagine the skilled hands that brought these scenes to life, offering a glimpse into the lives and traditions of ancient China.


Vintage Toys: A Playful Leap into the Past 

Bugs Bunny FigurineThe vintage toys in our collection offer a trip back to the more innocent and joyous days of Childhood.

Reminisce with the Bugs Bunny ceramic figure, a timeless icon that continues to bring smiles to generations. More than a toy, this playful figurine is a reminder of simpler times filled with laughter and imagination.


Matchbox carsConsider the Matchbox Lesney London Bus and Airport Coach models for a touch of vintage charm. These meticulously detailed miniatures hold the history of countless childhood adventures. 

Just think of the tiny hands that once held them, the journeys they explored, and the stories they inspired. These vintage treasures connect to the past, sparking memories and the imagination of young and old

Antique Jewelry: Adornments with a Story 

vintage Egyptian revival winged scarab braceletOur antique jewelry selection is a testament to the power of beauty and cultural significance.

The vintage Egyptian revival winged scarab bracelet carries the captivating mystique of Ancient Egypt. This piece symbolizes rebirth and transformation, sharing stories of a civilization long past that still fascinates us today. 



Happy Buddha Jade CufflinksFor a touch of serenity and prosperity, consider the Happy Buddha cufflinks crafted from exquisite jadeite. Not just an accessory; this piece symbolizes contentment, good luck, and abundance. The smooth jadeite, believed to possess healing properties, adds to the allure of this unique collective.

Each piece in our collection is a conversation starter steeped in history and symbolism, waiting to find the next destination in its travels. 

Bear and Raven Antiques: Where History Becomes Tangible 

We invite you on a captivating journey through time at Bear and Raven Antiques. Explore our diverse collection of rare antiques and collectibles, each a portal to the past waiting to be discovered.

Discover the extraordinary at Bear and Raven Antiques today! 

Browse our online collections and find the perfect piece to add a touch of history  and timeless beauty to your life. 

We look forward to helping you find the treasures that resonate with you and become cherished additions to your story.

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