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Viennese Cold Painted Bronze Goat Cart with Frog Driver 19th Century

Viennese Cold Painted Bronze Goat Cart with Frog Driver 19th Century

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A fun and whimsical Viennese bronze in the shape of a nanny goat pulling a cockle shell wagon driven by a frog.

A molded bronze goat and frog are attached to a wagon with metal wheels and frame. The body of the wagon is a cockle shell. The goat and frog have cold painted colors. The goat has a wire harness which the frog controls. The frog holds a stick and wire thread reins to drive the goat. The wheels turn freely.


8” (20.3 cm) long x 3 7/8” (9.8 cm) wide x 3” (7.6 cm) tall. Weighs 8.0 oz (225 g)


There are paint losses on the goat, wheels, harness and frog. There is some blue paint at one side of the goat’s face. There are small chips to the edge of the cockle shell. The wheels on the cart rotate but are wonky. There are some rust stains below the frog’s rear on the cockle shell. There are solder marks on the harness attachment to the goat and on a frog foot.

An over the top and funny Viennese bronze that will be a great addition to a collection or add a bit of charm to your home.

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