Our Rates (Appraisal Services)

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Our rates
  • Onsite inspection - $150/hr (two-hour minimum) 
  • Inspection at a location (coffee shop, etc.) near our Midtown Tucson, AZ home office - $75/hr (one-hour minimum)
  • Research and/or report generation - $75/hr (no minimum)
  • Remote appraisal - $40/hr (one hour minimum)
    Remote appraisals limited to certain items for which it's not essential to inspect the items in person. May be conducted through photos or live through a video call.

    Liquidation and Advisory Services (i.e. helping you sell items, find buyers, removals, etc.)

    • $40/hr plus expenses

    50% of the billable rate plus mileage may be charged for travel of over 25 miles.

    We strive to be fair and fully transparent with our rates to avoid any surprises. If you have any questions about our rates, please be sure to contact us for clarification.