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Bear & Raven Appraisal and Estate Services offers a wide variety of services tailored to the needs of individuals and families that require assistance valuing household possessions due to death, divorce, or need to downsize.

In addition to providing you with a detailed, professional valuation of your belongings, we can provide you with options for selling or otherwise disposing of them. We help you evaluate your needs and offer as much or as little assistance that you decide.

Estate, Divorce, or Insurance Appraisals

There may come a time when you are faced either with settling an estate, selling an item or collection, donating your favorite piece of art or simply updating your insurance policy.

Insurance companies, estate attorneys, judges and the IRS generally require a formal appraisal performed by a qualified personal property appraiser to determine the value of personal property, such as art, collectibles, jewelry, vehicles and household possessions. 

Bear & Raven offers:

  • Objective and independent valuations. In the role of an appraiser, we are not an advocate for any party but rather remain objective throughout the valuation.
  • Compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We are qualified and certified by the Certified Appraisal Guild of America (CAGA)
  • Experience and skilled determining an item’s value using tools and comprehensive valuation methodologies that take many factors into consideration.

Informal Valuations

Is your coin collection gathering dust in the attic of your parents’ home, which you must clean out for an estate sale? Or perhaps the Asian antiques you inherited from your grandparents many years ago may help fund that Arizona retirement condo or your child’s college education. You will never know without first consulting the right professional.

  • Fair and honest valuations
  • Learn what you have and how much it’s worth in the current market
  • Extensive personal knowledge – object information and market trends.

Estate Clearance Services

Giving families the peace of mind by managing all the details and work that go into liquidating an estate or downsizing to a smaller home. Are you storing items in a storage locker today? How much are you paying each month on fees? We can help you reduce those – or eliminate them altogether.

  • Free consultation
  • Sort and organize
  • Decluttering
  • Personal property valuation
  • Partial or complete household content liquidation
  • Haul unsold items to charity of your choice and/or local landfill or recycling center
  • As much or as little handholding as you’d like

Brokerage and Advisory Services

Do you have a collection for sale or a single object? We offer a wide range of advisory, consulting and brokerage services to help you maximize returns – with as little or as much support as you would like.

  • Advice on where to sell what where
  • Pricing
  • Research
  • Collection management
  • Help establishing or improving sales, operations or marketing of your online business