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Chinese Cinnabar and Silver Plate Tibetan Tribal Necklace Antique Silver Beads

Chinese Cinnabar and Silver Plate Tibetan Tribal Necklace Antique Silver Beads

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A long necklace of knotted silver plated beads with three old carved Cinnabar beads that are not perfect but show the work of the folk artist. A true work of handmade art.

The center bead is a large (28 mm) carved cinnabar bead with the shou symbol. On either side of the central bead is silver-plated oval lined beads followed by a deeply carved round 15 mm cinnabar beard and then a 37 mm long genie bottle-shaped silver-plated bead. The rest of the necklace is a series of 50 (25 on each side) silver plated beads ranging from 6-7mm wide. These beads are all hand-knotted. The cord is thick and black and is tightly strung. The clasp is a hook that is shaped like an “S”.

The necklace looks to have been restrung fairly recently. The silver-plated beads are definitely OLD. The cinnabar beads do show some age under magnification but are likely just vintage (over 20 but less than 100 yrs old).

32” (81.1 cm) long
Weighs 5.1 oz (140 g)

There are small damages and dents on the small silver-plated beads. A large silver-plated bead next to the large cinnabar bead shows silver losses on the edge of the bead. One of the long tubular beads has a dented area on the oval part. The beads take on a polish. The cinnabar beads are in fantastic shape, although under magnification you can see tiny nicks. The necklace looks complete.

An old tribal necklace that will add flair to casual attire.

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