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Chinese Elephant Hardwood Carving Circa 1920

Chinese Elephant Hardwood Carving Circa 1920

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An artistic carving of an elephant spraying water over her back. I love how animated the carving is.

The carving is made from a single piece of tropical hardwood. The carving depicts an animated elephant raising up and spraying water. The water is coming down in curled torrents. She has small glass eyes. The carving is well done with many piercings. There are openings at the trunk and water spray. There is also an opening at the tail and around the legs and feet. There is a bowl in the wood at the top of the water spray. It may have held a bowl for burning incense.

The wood is heavy, dense and a deep brown color. The base shows the grain of the wood.


5 1/8” (13.0 cm) long x 4 3/8” (11.0 cm) wide x 10 ¼” (26.0 cm) tall. Weighs 1 lb 11.9 oz (790 g)


The tusks are missing (they were probably removed because they were ivory which can’t be shipped to many places). The tip of the elephant’s lip tip is also missing. There are a few small hairlines in the elephant body and base, but they are shallow and short.

An artistic, professionally carved chunk of hardwood into an elephant form that will add to your collection of Chinese collections. It could also make a great candle holder or incense burner.

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